Event Agenda

OUR History in Bridges to the future co-working space


The Fassi Children discover robotics

The 11th Startup Grind event held at the Center

Startup Grind Fez kickoff meeting with a vision for innovation.
The 1st meeting around innovation (11th SG Fez event) was on the theme “Innovation, pillar of the creation of economic value” with a particular speaker, Mr Hammad Kassal, entrepreneur, innovator and social actor.


Hosting Fetour for entrepreneurs in Fez 

On September 16, the center hosted the “Fetour des entrepreneurs” initiative organized by the “Business Innovation” center in Casablanca.
12 entrepreneurs participated in the meeting and they exchanged experiences and contacts.
Follow the program’s continuity in Fez and its launch in other cities in Morocco.

Commercial negotiation training 

On July 13, 2018, the BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE center organized the commercial negotiation training led by ABDELMOUTALEB EL OTMANI, Manager at Inov Green Saiss.

The training targeted technical skills in trade by focusing on the field experiences of the facilitator as well as the techniques and methods to follow to market his product through multimodal tools and the management of a commercial meeting through the 5Cs method.

 One year already, Startup Grind Fez 

 Startup Grind Fès closes a year of its existence with a friendly meeting of former organizing members and the local community.

After sharing the back-office scenes of the 9 events organized, outgoing members received a super member certificate to thank them for their efforts throughout the year.

Launch of the new monthly meeting, BRIT NEFEHEM with …

on May 03, 2018, we had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Ali ZAOUDI, Head of the Business Creation Assistance Division at the Regional Investment Center – Region of Fez Meknes who exchanged with the participants on the services offered to entrepreneurs by the CRI as well as the prospects for changes in the local situation.