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L7arfa Online

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Selling craft products has always been challenging. And with COVID and the absence of tourists, it become harder for craftsman to sell their products. How artisans manage to adapt to the current situation? what can Artisans do for the current situation? How can Artisans sell online? How can they improve it? What are today's oportunities […]


RESTAR C19 to support entrepreneurs in relaunching their activities

Fez Al Bali, Fez, Morocco N 138 bine lamsari guerniz, Fes, Fez

Bridges To The Future launched the RESTART-C19 program to profile entrepreneurs who are preparing for the relaunch of post-containment activities, by inviting more than 20 experts from 9 different nationalities. 9 webinars have and will be organized with outstanding international experts. Over 600 registered people of over 15 different nationalities, which prompted Bridge to launch […]

First Magrebian group in the ACUMEN + community

Fez Al Bali, Fez, Morocco N 138 bine lamsari guerniz, Fes, Fez

Between May and July 2020, more than 30 young leaders from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mauritania and other countries benefit from a free special paid online training “The way of moral leadership”, organized by ACUMEN Academy, a leading organizations in leadership and social entrepreneurship.