BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE is deeply pleased and honored to receive, on October 10, 2020, the Fez Gate Trophy a recognition Trophy of talents around exceptional women and men who have contributed to the influence of women, and to the development of our country.

Laila Abouhalim is the founder of Bridges to the Future, an entrepreneur who works so hard to help young entrepreneurs and help in the development of her City Fez.

We are very proud to be among ten of the greatest leaders and hard working women in Fez .Each one of them is helping in her own field: Administration cadre, writer, University professor, hard working housewives, and information support expert.

The Bouabate Fès Association was created on the initiative of a group of people, men and women imbued with common values , which are:

Solidarity, Citizenship, Parity...

This association aims to make a contribution to the regional development of the city of Fez, by working for the promotion of women, for the fight against poverty and discrimination against women in general. 

Since 2017, Bouabate Fez Has honored 50 Great women. The trophy symbolizing a door is the emblem of the city of Fez representing the beauty, heritage, history and openness to the cultures of the world.



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