Friends of Fez Orphanage (FOFO) was founded in 2016 with the goal of enriching the lives of orphans throughout Fez, Morocco. We believe that all children deserve to be happy, healthy contributors to society – regardless of their background or the situation into which they were born.

FOFO has helped the children in the abandoned children center for 4 years providing them both education and love. They hired one preschool educator and one for special needs kids along with volunteers visiting once a week to play with the children and give them some of the love they were prevented from. In addition, they organized trips for the children and parties inside the center.

FOFO was and still helping the protection childhood center for girls. This center helps girls under the age of 18 who have no place to be. These girls can stay in the center only until they reached the age 18. Therefore, FOFO is focusing more on education and crafts they can learn to help them survive after they are out.

FOFO is providing the girls with a daily educator who does many activities among them: reading, drawing, painting, DIY, sport…

Also, offers hairdressing classes, cooking classes, and open to volunteers to come and offer the girls an activity (helping with homework, teaching a language, doing yoga….).


FOFO’s team are compassionate individuals with a desire to give back. “Our lives are enriched by knowing that we’re making a difference in these children’s lives and therefore making the world a better place” FOFO’s team.

All their funds are coming from donors who believe in their case and want to help those unfortunate girls.

If you want to help or visit Friends Of Fez Orphans you can always reach to them through Facebook:

Or Gmail: or

To donate: Bank account:
 Amis des orphelins de fes

RIB: 007270000208500000059375



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